A high gloss, extremely durable, hardcoated and stabilised polyester film


A high gloss and ultra clear surface protection hardcoated polyester film in-vogue with furniture manufacturers and cosmetic brands. Impact, abrasion and cleaning chemical resistant giving anti-graffiti protection without surface deterioration.


  • SIGMAGraF UVJet films are supplied with a subsurface primer for UV curable and Latex digital printing and are easily laminated to self-adhesive backing substrates, such as FootPrint HT Adhesive, for application to flat and curved non-porous surfaces.


  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents and household cleaners
  • Resistant to scratches, abrasion and impacts.
  • Easily cleaned without surface damage.
  • Resistant to graffiti.
  • Consistent surface finish.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Outstanding clarity for graphic and colour definition.


  • Hoardings, boarding, signage & interiors
  • Visually demanding and durable display graphics
  • In-store decoration, cladding and POP displays
  • Indoor signage in high-traffic areas
  • Industrial & design applications
  • Exhibition and Commercial sectors for counters, walls, columns, washrooms, frieze boards, appliances and equipment
  • Building & architectural
  • Retail
  • Equipment manufacture

Additional Information


Roll Size: 1230mm x 50m

High gloss finish

Anti-graffiti certification


Digital Printer and Ink Compatibility

Ink Type

   Do we have a suitable film?  

Product Name

UV curable Yes SIGMAGraF UVJet – subsurface print film
Latex Ink Jet Yes SIGMAGraF UVJet – subsurface print film
Full solvent / Eco / Mild solvent Yes See SIGMAGraF Shield brochure for adhesive coated
Industrial lamination films
Aqueous dye and UV pigment Yes See SIGMAGraF Shield brochure for adhesive coated
Industrial lamination films


UV curing “flexible” digital inks give better adhesion to SIGMAGraF UVJet films than “hard” ink types which are designed for rigid substrates.


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